Libiyi Cooling Ace 4.0

Libiyi Cooling Ace 4.0

Why Americans Are Replacing Their ACs With This Portable Alternative To Slash Hundreds On Summer Electric Bills?

Simon ReedJune 24, 2024

SUMMARY: Did you know there's a new portable AC device that can cool your room in MINUTES!? Libiyi Cooling Ace has already helped thousands of people beat the heat while slashing their electricity bills. Now, tens of thousands are flying off the shelves every week...


A genius startup is turning this greedy $20 billion energy industry on its head.

This company has figured out a way to offer a far superior device that will surpass the outdated, energy-gulping air conditioners (even the biggest tech experts agree).

Cheaper, more energy efficient, smaller, portable, and cools you down just as well - It has stunned the entire air conditioning industry with this incredible portable air chiller!

With the National Weather Service reporting that it's going to be a SUPER HOT SUMMER, maybe one of the hottest for decades, the Libiyi Cooling Ace is quickly becoming "a must-have of summer 2024".

What is Libiyi Cooling Ace?

A team of engineers from Silicon Valley has come up with this revolutionary air cooler that can solve both rising energy bills and declining efficiency.

Compact, portable, and silent, you can take it with you ANYWHERE to enjoy the soothing cool and clean air it provides.

Imagine cool, fast air at the park, your office, the kitchen, or your bedroom, all while being so quiet you won't even notice it's there. 

The best of all? It has no installation or maintenance costs, allowing you to save money while being more energy efficient than other options on the market. 

This means a shockingly LOW electricity bill that won't make you sweat, instead of wasting hundreds trying to cool off an entire house. 

Libiyi Cooling Ace's got everything you need to beat the heat this summer!

Futuristic cooling technology puts Libiyi Cooling Ace miles ahead of the competition

Libiyi Cooling Ace cools down the incoming air, then pumps out freezing cold airflow on the other side.

You don't have to wait hours for the cold to finally reach you with sweat running down your face, like running a traditional AC. The Libiyi Cooling Ace reduces the heat around you and blows a breeze of ice-cold air in your face - Within SECONDS!

And it requires less electricity to run than a small electric fan!

This technology makes Libiyi Cooling Ace much more effective at cooling than similar devices.

No need to worry about noise either. The bladeless design and upgraded motor of Libiyi Cooling Ace ensure its noise is only 20dB (FYI, a quiet library's noise is 40dB) and barely noticeable. It is best for light sleepers in the bedroom during those warm summer nights.

By filtering the air, you make it healthier and easier to breathe.

How to use it?

Libiyi Cooling Ace is simple to use for anyone!

Place it on your desktop (or mount it on the wall) and press the start button. That's it! You will enjoy the sensation of cold air blowing directly onto you.

Press the button to set the modes as needed:

❄️1. Cool Mode - a relaxing cool breeze

❄️2. Chill Mode - for if you're feeling hot

❄️3. Freeze Mode - cool you down instantly

You'll easily be able to quickly decrease the temperature around you in any space within a matter of minutes.


What Else Can Libiyi Cooling Ace Do?

Everything you can imagine in a traditional appliance! And there's even more:

✅ The Best Air Cooler of 2024: Provides unparalleled cooling-off experience to beat the heat.

✅ Powerful and Energy-Saving: Delivers chilling airflow while saving 40% more energy compared to other products on the market!

✅ Versatile Uses: You can put it horizontally/vertically on the desk, or hang it on the wall.


✅ Long-Lasting Battery: Works for hours on a full charge!

✅ Safe Bladeless Design: Libiyi Cooling Ace is an ideal summer essential for homes with kids and pets, provides coolness and protection at the same time!

✅ Space-Saving Size: Featuring a compact size, this portable device is built for tight spaces like nightstands and office desks.

Traditional air conditioners are bulky, noisy, and painfully expensive to run.

Unlike them, Libiyi Cooling Ace can go wherever you do, providing a quiet and refreshing breeze whether you're working, studying, or sleeping.

One thing is for certain, once you try the Libiyi Cooling Ace, you'll never want to go back to life without it!




98% of the buyers recommend it to their friends and families

"Our new office doesn't have AC so I bought this device. It's a lifesaver in the summer! It has 3 settings which you control by using the button. Low, medium and high. The price can't be beaten. It's incredibly energy-efficient, and it's just really COOL."
- S. Baker

"Libiyi Cooling Ace is great for hot days at work. And it is fairly quiet. We have three, one for the kitchen, one for the bathroom, and one to carry with us. They cool the rooms perfectly! We love them."
- A. Horns

"I bought this to try because I can't sleep with normal fans; they are too loud. Libiyi Cooling Ace is so whisper-quiet and powerful. I often leave it on straight through the night and I've never slept better! Highly recommend it and brilliant for the price."
- H. Carter

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