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Libiyi LED Tactical Flashlight

This Flashlight Will Blow Your Mind. Suitable for Any Outdoor Activities!

Tina PalmerJune 27th, 2022


Different from other flashlights, this LED Tactical Flashlight broadens your view at night to the maximum extent possible!

My husband is a lover of travel. It is inevitable for him to camp and hike at night. I've seen my husband struggle in the past when doing things in dark places many times. For example, changing a car tire on the road at night. He only uses a mobile phone light for lighting, but his phone is out of juice quickly, and it has narrow field of view.

I stumbled across this LED Tactical Flashlight one day and decided to give it a try. The flashlight has amazing power with very bright light. 

Our favorite part? This type of lighting can change focal length through telescoping lamp holder. We can adjust the lighting range and distance zoom through floodlight or spotlight, accompany us in the dark, illuminate everything in front of us, and let us advance fearlessly in the dark.

Now whether he needs to fix up that old car, take the dog on a long walk or camp and hike, the LED Tactical Flashlight got him all covered!


Advanced LED technology, Rechargeable, Clear Wide Vision


It is undeniable that a flashlight of excellent quality can be very helpful to have around the house in urgent circumstances; like when there is a sudden loss of electricity or to shock a trespasser, in your work materials for use in dim places, your vehicle for when it stops functioning or close to the entrance for night-time dog walks.

Libiyi LED Tactical Flashlight is wonderful, with Built-in XHP Super Bright LED for a maximum output of up to 90000 lumens, which can almost illuminate a bright light over the length of about two football fields and reaches nearly 1640ft.

Libiyi LED Tactical Flashlight comes with a 10000 m-a-h rechargeable battery, which can provide up to 10 hours of illumination. 

It also comes with a USB output port, which can be used as a power source to charge other electronic devices such as cell phones and cameras in a time of need. Whether it's work or play, this ingenious flashlight is a no-brainer!

The Perfect Solution for Those Dark Moments



Libiyi LED Tactical Flashlight is made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy, non-slip and durable, IPX6 waterproof for convenient usage in various extreme weather. 

Its light weight and water resistance make it the perfect addition to any situation you can think of: repairs, hiking, camping, biking, running, fishing...or just keeping it at home during a power outage.


Three Light Modes to Illuminate The Most Distant Objects

Libiyi LED Tactical Flashlight has three modes of operation: high, medium, strobe. Besides, it has COB sidelight mode(High/Medium/Red/Red SOS), which are ideal for daily use in the home, walking, hiking, camping, fishing, night maintenance, emergency, etc.

ONE KEY TURN OFF Function means long press the switch 3 seconds to directly turn off the flashlight at any modes. 

And this rechargeable flashlight has power display light which can help you see the rest power at a glance. No need to worry about power running out when traveling outdoors.

Why Thousands of People Are Switching to Libiyi LED Tactical Flashlight ?




✅90000 Lumen high power LED flashlight

✅3 Modes and Upgrade Side Lighting

✅USB rechargeable flashlight

✅Flashlight power bank

✅Better quality IPX6 water resistant

✅Perfect travel gear! You don't need other lighting devices!

✅Versatile and adjustable

✅Ergonomic design- Can be easily picked up and lighted










The Best Choice on The Market



“I can honestly and confidently say that this is my brightest flash light yet so far :). I do have a few T6 flashlights and none of them are as bright as this tactical one. Albeit, this has more and larger LED with much more powerful batteries than my previous lights.”

"Finally,I found this great flashlight what I had long loved for! It is so bright, almost can illuminate the entire street. In the dark, its light took me to the bright world ! It is so useful ! It is so great!"

“I work at night as a security officer, and for years, I have tried to find (or build) a flashlight that will allow me to put a spotlight on a burglar from a long distance. This is the best one I have found yet! Thank you so much!"


Q: What is the Libiyi LED Tactical Flashlight made of? 

Libiyi LED Tactical Flashlight is made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy. Its advanced technology allows us to illuminate any place, in any circumstance. Its telescopic focus allows an illumination range of up to 500 meters.

Q: How long can this flashlight be used?

Its LED lamp can be used for more than 100,000 hours. It is absolutely a great device for outdoor activities. You can carry it in your car or in your bag.

Q: Do I need to change the batteries?

No, Libiyi is equipped with USB input port, which allows you quickly charge your flashlight.

Q: Is the Libiyi LED Tactical Flashlight rugged?

Yes, it is extremely drop resistant and is covered with a non-skid, protective coating. It can withstand the pressure of a car. You can use it safely even under extreme conditions!

Customer Reviews

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Larry Krippendorf
Company is great

I had a issue with one of the flashlights. They responded back to me and resolved
the issue in a timely manner.
will recommend to all my friends.

Jennifer Lizama
The Best

My daughter who’s in the military loves it, she said it’s the best flashlight 🔦 ever.