Libiyi Magnifying Glass Necklace - Libiyi
Libiyi Magnifying Glass Necklace - Libiyi
Libiyi Magnifying Glass Necklace - Libiyi
Libiyi Magnifying Glass Necklace - Libiyi
Libiyi Magnifying Glass Necklace - Libiyi

Libiyi Magnifying Glass Necklace

Magnifying Glass or Pendant? This Necklace Is the Best Gift That I Have Received!

Joyce SmithAugust 12th, 2023



Growing older has made it easier for me to catch a bug or two. This morning, my doctor dropped off a package of medicine for me. I found that there were several bottles with an RX mark on them. 


Alright, let me check what they said. But wait, where is my magnifying glass?

Yes, I'm just like many older folks – dealing with good old presbyopia. Magnifying glasses have become my trusty sidekick when I need to read labels or anything important. 

However, here's the thing: as a fashion-forward lady who's always been into style, having to hold a magnifying glass in my hand just doesn't jive with my look. Plus, they're kind of bulky and, well, just plain inconvenient.

A new trusty companion for me

Oh, how forgetful of me! I totally blanked on the fact that I recently said goodbye to those old-school eyeglasses. Instead, I've got this snazzy "assistant" that makes reading a breeze, and it's hanging right around my neck!

I moved my necklace closer to the bottle and began reading:

"Dosage: 50mg/day. Limitations of use..."

Great! It's clear, I mean I can see the text crystal clear with this nifty little gadget.



Yes! It's not a regular necklace. It's a concealed magnifying glass! 

It was designed by a renowned designer, Nicola C., who found that some of her clienteles were grappling with presbyopia.  

These elegant ladies refused to wear traditional magnifying glasses, “They make my eyes look weird!”

In a bid to empower all women to embrace fashion and their fabulous selves, this genius designer turned those glasses into fancy necklaces! 

Thanks to the discerning tastes of all you ladies who appreciate elegance, someone finally heard our call. We wanted a magnifying glass that's not just functional but also a fashion statement!

This necklace makes reading enjoyable for us.

This necklace has completely swept away the frustration I used to experience when trying to read small print. 


Now, I use it to check labels, browse the news, and so much more. Actually, I loved it so much that I purposely brought it up while chatting with my friends, relishing the curious and amazed expressions they give me.

High-quality magnifying glass is nestled within a robust metal frame, embellished with a sparkling gemstone. Every jump ring is expertly soldered shut, guaranteeing the pendant stays firmly in place. This fashionable necklace seamlessly combines elegance with practicality.

Many of my friends join this trend as well

"I have chronic Uveitis which has destroyed my sight in one eye, so I have trouble reading small print. This necklace is really so great, whoever thought to make a magnifying glass into a necklace is a genius!"





"This cute product provides good magnification. Great quality. I bought another two and gave them to my sisters as gift. They had a high praise about it as well"


What makes it so popular? Here are some features we like:

❤2-in-1 design, a clever combination of magnifying glass and necklace


❤Pratical visual aid with up to 10x clear magnification


❤Delicate design with a classic pendant, which can match your different clothes and add a nice touch to your clothes


❤Smooth finish and 31.4 inch long chain, comfortable to wear and use


❤Sturdy & durable materials

❤Perfect gift for your loved ones


This unique Libiyi Magnifying Glass Necklace can be used for many occasions such as reading maps, books, newspapers, jewelry repairing, sewing, and watch repairing.

















Over 13,800 happy customers left their 5-star reviews:

"This necklace is great. Very stylish, and has a discreet purpose. I bought it as a gift for my grandma. It's an ideal tool when she needs a little extra help to read a menu or something."
- Luna M.

"I am delighted with this necklace magnifier. I can now pop this around my neck and study small print easily and quickly. Best thing I have bought in a long time!"
- Joan A.

"Item as described, lightweight and good magnification. Meets my needs perfectly. Easy to hold and see when reading the small print at the supermarket. Would recommend."
- Hayley C.

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